Our Founders

  • Josh Wadinski (co-founder and CEO) and Susie Wang (co-founder and formulator) met in New York City over one of the best seasonal farm-to-table meals they’ve ever had at Mas Farmhouse. It was clear from the moment they met that fundamentally they have similar life values: do and create good, eat healthful foods and waste as little as possible while doing so.

  • Using their diverse backgrounds - Josh in retail, consulting, creative, data, and Susie with a proven record of constant success in the beauty industry - they set out to create the best products they could. For them that meant making products that are not only free of everyday toxins customers should not have to worry about, but also free of the guilt that comes along with buying products and immediately creating waste once they are used.

  • Together they are big advocates of the Lifecycle of Beauty, and they constantly encourage others to take into consideration not only the amazing formulas and products they buy, but the entire product experience as well. Their ways of life reflect this where they eat largely raw vegetarian meals, exercise frequently, and do the best they can to extend their lives and the lives of others through Plantioxidants and beyond.