Lifecycle of Beauty

"The most important part of any product is the entire product." - Josh Wadinski, CEO & Founder

Being healthier and cleaner not only happens using our formulas, but it also means considering the entire purchase process you experience as a consumer. We call this the Lifecycle of Beauty and we take it very seriously at Plantioxidants.

  1. Ingredients: Starting from the individual ingredients, we use those that are known to be healthy and provide results. Read more about our Ingredients.
  2. Formulas: We then make our formulas in the USA, so the products travel less distance when going from us to you. We then pack the formulas with a potent antioxidant rich blend, which you can learn more about on our Plant Antioxidants page.
  3. Bottles: Our 100% recyclable, 100% recyclable BPA free bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, meaning there is no virgin plastic used to create them. This was a tough decision and you can read more about the process on our Blog.
  4. Boxes: The boxes for all Plantioxidants products are made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable paper, and use environmentally-friendly soy ink. We’ve packed our outer boxes with a lot of valuable information, so be sure to read up!
  5. Recycle: This may go without saying, but do your part to help others and recycle. The future thanks you.

We are constantly trying to improve this process and have many great ideas planned for the future. Our end goal is have a closed loop product experience. Read more about this goal on our Blog as well!