Organic Treatment Mask and Why You Need to Use One

by Plantioxidants ® November 08, 2017

Camu Camu & Turmeric Scrub + Mask : An Exfoliating & Brightening Treatment Mask

While you may not be tired of the cold fall air yet, remember there is still harsher winter weather to come! If your skin is already suffering from the dry autumn breeze, it’s time to take action. We recently wrote about how our cleansers can help you transition into a fall skincare routine . Why is a transition so necessary? Because seasonal changes can cause your skin to go through many ups and downs. The dry fall air causes water to evaporate more quickly from your skin cells, leaving cracks in your previously radiant skin surface. If you don’t do anything about it, those dried out dead skin cells will continue to build up, leaving you lamenting over the loss of your sun-kissed summer skin.

Thankfully, we formulated the perfectly pampering treatment for this dilemma in the form of an exfoliating and brightening treatment mask ! It’s a potent concoction packed with vitamin C-rich camu camu, turmeric, and acai berries that will leave your skin radiant and silky soft. Treat yourself to this enriching experience up to three times a week, and make sure to store the bottle upside down so that the luxurious jojoba oil in it will be ready for your next pamper session with a simple twist of the cap!

As you’ll see throughout our website and in other blog posts, we didn’t want to only create an amazing USDA organic and antioxidant-rich formula for our treatment mask. We also use bottles that are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning no new or virgin plastic was needed to create it. Our other packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable. We did this because we want you to have an entirely luxurious but also guilt-free treatment session. Now you don’t have to worry about having an amazing experience be ruined by guilt when you’re done with the products! Read on to enrich your mind, and learn how to do the same for your skin with our popular treatment mask.


How to Pamper Yourself with our Brightening Treatment Mask

Step 1: Gently massage onto your clean, damp skin in circular motions.

Clear Away Impurities

Any effective exfoliator should clear away impurities. We wanted to create the healthiest exfoliator possible, so we use USDA organic ingredients as exfoliants. Exfoliating is even more essential in the winter. Cold dry weather causes more dead skin cell buildup, which in turn traps oil and other grime in your pores. Our treatment mask was formulated to gently clear away these unwanted impurities and nourish your skin too. Additionally, our mask is USDA organic, meaning more than 95% of its ingredients are USDA organic ( truly natural ), and there are no toxic pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, or synthetic growth hormones. At Plantioxidants, we don’t sacrifice luxury for your health.

Acai: A Superior Exfoliant

We are able to bridge the gap between luxury and health because of our exceptional ingredients. For example, we use acai not only because it’s a superfood, but also because it’s a super-exfoliant! We ground up acai berries and use them to gently buff away dull and chapped skin to reveal a natural healthy glow. Acai berries are one of the most antioxidant-rich food that Mother Nature provides to us. They get their signature blueish purple color from anthocyanins, which protect the berries from free radicals and can do the same for your skin. Acai berries also contain vitamins A, C, E, polyphenols that help keep your skin firm and smooth, and many more treasured benefits.

While massaging the treatment mask onto your skin, you will feel the freshness of these vibrant berries. You can actually see and feel the acai berry pieces when you apply our formula on your skin! Rest assured that what you’re feeling is USDA organic, and is good for both you and the planet.

Some “natural” products use nut or fruit shells as exfoliants, but these can cause tiny tears on your precious skin. Many conventional products also use micro-beads (tiny pieces of plastic) as their exfoliants because they’re cheap and easy to mass produce. But once you rinse them off your face and into the drain, they wreak irreversible havoc on our environment and our own health. Once in water, micro-beads absorb toxins and poison the aquatic life that often end up consuming them (and eventually us too!). No matter the products you’re using, always be sure to think about what happens to them after you’re done. We incorporate this into our Lifecycle of Beauty !

Step 2: Relax and enjoy!

You can rinse off the formula after exfoliating, but you’d be missing out on the second function of our treatment mask: brightening! Leave the treatment mask on your skin for 5 minutes or even up to 10, if your skin isn’t super sensitive.

Beauty isn’t acquired without patience. Our treatment mask is packed with an abundance of potent ingredients that work to make your experience as healthy as possible. To reap the full benefits of our enriching treatment mask, let it rest on your skin for the recommended amount of time to absorb the superfood nutrients. Use these extra few minutes to wrap another gift or watch part of a TED Talk . That way you're nourishing your mind and skin simultaneously!

Here are the superstar nutrients in our mask that make your experience so relaxing and nourishing.

  • Agave nectar is another key ingredient in our treatment mask and is also USDA organic. The agave nectar keeps all the nourishing components of the formula together and ready for action. Once you massage the formula onto your skin, you can immediately feel its viscosity - a sweet, syrupy texture that’s ready to pamper your skin. Our founders originally were inspired by maple syrup because of their connection to the Midwest, but it didn’t contain the viscosity or right amount of nutrients. Agave, on the other hand, is packed with beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, and is a natural humectant too that seals valued moisture into your skin and keeps it extra soft! As if that isn’t enough, it smells heavenly too!

    Agave nectar is also a very effective emulsifier and antioxidant powerhouse. It feeds your skin many necessary nutrients that keep it supple. It certainly wins over conventional thickeners like xanthan gum. Xanthan gum and other synthetic blends usually provide little to no additional benefits for your skin, and can even result in side effects.
  • Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredient that is known to help fade acne scars and dark spots, balance your skin’s oil production, and protect you from the sun. It’s a nutrient powerhouse you don't want to miss out on, which is why we included it in our Plantioxidants Complex - 21 of the most potent plant antioxidants, present in each of our products. We added even more to this treatment mask to make sure you get the full benefits of this amazing root.
  • Camu Camu is a small but extremely potent superfruit in our treatment mask, containing 60 times as much Vitamin C as an orange does. Vitamin C is essential for brightening your skin, boosting collagen production, and helping to fade dark spots. This brightening treatment is our most nourishing yet!

Step 3: Rinse with warm water and smile!

Clear away the formula and debris to find newly polished skin. Your skin will be noticeably more radiant than before and feel silky soft too - a soft and hydrated delight!

Jojoba oil is at the very top of the ingredients list for our treatment mask, and that’s because of the relaxing luxury it provides. Native American people have long used the indigenous jojoba plant to create balms, applying them to their skin and hair to heal burns and soften. Jojoba contains vitamin E that heals skin, B vitamins that help your skin retain moisture better, and a great range of antioxidants. It also contains a potent amount of iodine that fights bacteria and helps prevent acne and scarring.

Unlike with other plant oils like coconut, jojoba seed oil structure is actually very similar to the natural oils in our skin, meaning it moisturizes and is absorbed by our skin faster! Although we call it an oil, jojoba oil is actually a wax, meaning it soothes your skin without making it feel unnecessarily greasy. It’s a better alternative to water-based moisturizers that evaporate too quickly from your skin. Jojoba provides an abundance of hydration to your skin, and ensures that the moisturizing effect lasts. It truly is a superior plant oil.

A Guilt-Free Pamper Treatment

We only have three steps to this luxurious session, but the USDA organic ingredients in our mask are so incredibly potent that each step achieves a variety of benefits for your skin. Clear, radiant skin shouldn’t be painful or difficult to attain. Our  exfoliating & brightening treatment mask  is truly a spa session waiting for you in a bottle - and a 100% recycled and recyclable one, made from post-consumer recycled plastic. We invite you to chase sophistication and simultaneously take action to make the world a better place. It’s simple: “Cherish your body and learn all you can to do less bad, produce more good, and take care of the planet and others.”  And repeat, which means subscribing to our email list so you don’t miss out on our beauty insider tips for our next post!


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