How to Properly Transition Your Skincare from Winter to Warm Weather

by Plantioxidants ® March 23, 2018

Protect Your Skin for a Brighter, Balanced Complexion in the Spring

The vernal (Spring) equinox is March 20th! With cold, wet snow still falling in many parts of the world, a little bit of spring warmth sounds appealing right now, no? This also means it's time to talk spring skincare. The arrival of spring not only heralds more sunlight, but also relief from winter skincare woes too. You might have suffered from dry, flaky skin during the winter due to the freezing winds and dry central heating. But before you get too excited for the warmer weather and plan your first beach day of the year, you have some preparing to do. Each change of the seasons brings new, unique skincare problems that you need to watch out for. If you haven’t already read about why you should seriously consider USDA organic skin care, make sure to take a look before you start renewing your skincare products for the spring.

Step 1) Transition Your Cleanser from Winter to Warmer Weather

Springtime isn’t just when animals come out of hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, and you finally get to wear shorts. It’s also time for you to look at your life with a fresh start, whether it’s through spring cleaning in your home or training your body for summertime. As you transition into spring, your skin might still be over-producing oil to compensate for the dry cold air of the winter months. That’s why you might notice more oil buildup on your skin in the springtime, or even acne breakouts just when you’re about to attend a spring wedding reception.

The first step in transitioning your skincare into warmer weather is the same first step we all know - cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! You want a cleanser that provides you a soft, radiant complexion to help fight dull or oily skin. It’s necessary for you to use a cleanser that will balance oil production in your skin, but won’t strip it of essential nutrients and moisture. Ingredients like the Japanese citrus Yuzu and fermented rice wine in our Rejuvenating Cleanser are great for naturally cleansing and brightening skin. They work to clear away excess oil, toxins, and also flaky skin that’s caused by dead skin cell buildup. When your skin surface is smoother with the appearance of more new skin cells, your complexion will look brighter and rejuvenated.

If you forgot to exfoliate your skin in the wintertime, it isn’t too late to fix your winter skincare mistakes so you can still look your best for the spring. Exfoliation works to buff away dead skin cells that built up during the wintertime. It’s important to use natural exfoliants that won’t irritate your skin or harm the environment. And you may not realize it, but skincare with the right ingredients also allows you as a consumer  to fight climate change by supporting brands that formulate without synthetic ingredients or toxins (ex: plastic mircobeads = bad for the planet). That’s why we chose to use acai berries as our natural exfoliant in our Exfoliating & Brightening Treatment. We’ve also said a strict "no" to artificial preservatives, pesticides, and a range of other ingredients that cause harm to the planet, which are requisites to be certified USDA organic. In addition to the Plantioxidants Complex that we pack into each of our USDA organic skincare formulas, acai berries also contain high amounts of antioxidants that work to counteract free radical damage - caused by pollution, sunlight, and other toxins - to your skin.

On days that you notice acne formation flaring up, you can reach for a Purifying Treatment to calm down and detox your skin. Learn more about how to incorporate an organic treatment mask into your routine.

Step 2) Use a Light, Fast Absorbing Moisturizer

As we began to describe above, oily skin can be more common in the warmer weather. Your skin might be over-producing sebum - its natural moisturizing factor - to make up for the dry winter air, and that leads to too much oil when the spring humidity sets in. The temperatures slowly rise, leading to more perspiration that you need to clear away to avoid bacteria build up. Mixing sweat and a moisturizer isn’t a comfortable experience either, and if your skin isn’t absorbing your moisturizer fast enough, an oily mix of sweat and sebum can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

We recommend using a fast-absorbing moisturizer during the spring that won’t sit on the skin surface, and is light enough so you won’t feel an unpleasant oily residue. We’ve formulated a lighter version of our Power Seed Menagerie Cream so you can still nourish your skin with rich seed oils - cold pressed for more potent nourishment. It might be counter-intuitive to add oil to your skincare routine, especially if you have oily skin, but a moisturizer with oil content is still necessary to seal in nutrients and prevent water loss - which causes your skin to over-produce oil to compensate. The Moisturizing Soft Cream works to balance your skin oil levels for more toned, smooth skin.

Step 3) Protect that Sensitive Eye Area

Unfortunately there are downsides to springtime as well, and there’s one that you might already be feeling - allergies. Allergic reactions to pollen can vary, but it’s common to experience swollen eyes and definitely sneezing. When you’re exposed to an allergen, your body releases a substance called histamine to help combat the allergens and rid your body of them. That’s all part of a healthy immune system, but can lead to swollen blood vessels in your eyes, causing that puffy eye effect.

An effective approach to calming down your swollen eyes is by regularly incorporating a caffeine packed eye cream into your skin care routine, like our Bio Fermented Tea Eye Cream. Caffeine is able to constrict your blood vessels to reduce inflammation, thus minimizing swollen eyes.

In addition, the fermented Pu’erh, Oolong, Yerba Mate, and Green Tea in our eye cream provide potent antioxidant effects. As you spend more time out in the warm spring sun, your skin is exposed to UV rays that can trigger the formation of harmful molecules in your body called free radicals. Free radicals strip electrons and are one of the fundamental factors that cause cellular degeneration. This process leads to symptoms of aging in your skin through wrinkles and age spots.  Antioxidants have the powerful effect of neutralizing free radicals and keeping your skin cells healthy. We recommend you follow an antioxidant packed skincare routine to protect yourself from the sun this spring with the addition of an SPF.

With USDA organic skincare at your side and less guilt knowing you're using 100% recycled and recyclable bottles, you’ll be prepared to transition into spring with a strong, productive beginning and glowing skin.

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